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A Muslim Woman Speaks Out

Why  does  Raheel  Raza  get  death  threats?

  Award winning Journalist and Author: 
“Their Jihad - Not My Jihad”  

Human Rights and Women’s Activist  
 Featured on Bill Maher Show  
  Invited to speak to Congress in July, 2017  
AT 4:30 PM

Jewish Community Center 350 South Dahlia St.  Denver
 $12  Suggested Donation (in advance)  
$15  Suggested Donation (at the door)
No one will be turned away.


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What’s behind the fight? You can join in on the side of Israel.

Over the past few weeks President Obama and the White House staff have been excoriating Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu for an alleged breach of U.S. protocol and “insulting” the U.S. presidency.

Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, has invited Bibi to address Congress on March 3 about Iran. The negotiations with the Iranians over their nuclear program is an issue of vital importance to our country, Israel and the world. Bibi is understood to have the world’s best intelligence on Iran, and is an expert on their nuclear threat. 

 The White House staff and Congressional Democrats claim that the White House was never notified about the invitation; therefore they say a severe breach of diplomatic protocol has taken place for which Netanyahu and Boehner should be blamed. The White House was said to be “outraged”. An unnamed official was quoted as saying: “He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency and that there will be a price”. They also claim that Netanyahu's Congressional address might influence Israel’s up-coming elections.

Firstly, deciding who speaks to Congress is up to Congress, not the President. Boehner had every right to extend the invitation, with or without presidential approval. Secondly, objecting on the basis of Israel’s elections seems particularly hypocritical in view of the White House’s recent invitation to British PM David Cameron. Cameron came to Washington to openly lobby Congress for Mr. Obama’s efforts to kill a bill that would impose more sanctions on Iran should negotiations fail. Mr. Cameron too is running in elections in Britain in the Spring. Does anyone notice a double standard?

And here is the kicker.
It now comes out that the White House was in fact notified before Boehner went public with the announcement. When Netanyahu last spoke to Congress in 2011, the same notification was given the WH and they never responded then. They didn’t respond this time either . . . until after the announcement when they lied outright about never being notified.

Here’s what we can learn from all of this:

1. Netanyahu's speech threatens the administration's narrative about Iran.  Mr. Obama insists that Iran can be a "partner for peace"; we therefore should trust them not to develop nuclear and EMP weapons, even if we allow them to keep their nuclear program at a threshold weeks away from a bomb. He clearly plans to accept this situation in a historically bad deal in the current negotiations, if he can even get one. Bibi will tell Congress that if Iran goes nuclear, at some point it will likely attempt genocide against Israel, the Sunni Muslim nations  and eventually America. Iran has been testing intercontinental missiles with a range that could reach the US. These missiles could use EMP technology to wipe out the electric grid across the entire US with one nuclear bomb. America needs Israel's partnership to jointly address our shared threats. Bibi wants to talk about all this with people who matter while there is still time to talk.

2. The administration hates Bibi for not marching in step and does not treat Israel as the valuable ally she is. Mr. Obama has already refused to meet with him when he comes to Washington in March. It is Obama who is trying to influence elections by seeking to disgrace Netanyahu before the Israeli electorate. Mr. Obama’s own top election consultant has been sent to Israel to support Netanyahu's opposition. Standing with the Jewish state in the face of Iran’s credible and often repeated threats of annihilation should not be played with on a political football field.

3. The difference between Bibi’s 2011 visit and this time is directly related to Mr. Obama not having to run for office again. Expect more of the same behavior, and even worse.

On Thursday Feb. 4 House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi denied that Democrats planned a boycott of the speech, but noted that they may be “too busy” to attend. If you saw the video you had to wonder how long she could keep a straight face, while she lectured us about manners in politics. Already three prominent House Dems have said they will not attend. A White House spokesperson hinted that Vice President Biden’s may be away that day, even though his travel plans are not yet set.

AAT urges you to take action NOW! 
Phone or email Colorado Senator Michael Bennett and urge him not to snub our ally Israel by boycotting Netanyahu’s speech. Do the same with your House representative. Forward this email and get it on social media with friends around the country.

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